Process Shepherd


Contact centers face numerous challenges, and one of the most significant ones is high agent turnover. Losing experienced agents on a regular basis not only creates a knowledge gap but also requires constant time and effort to train new agents. This scenario is where technology and process optimization can make a remarkable difference. In this blog post, we will explore how Process Shepherd, a powerful Decision Tree solution, helps contact centers overcome the expertise gap, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Agents often find themselves lacking the necessary knowledge to answer questions quickly, accurately, and with empathy.

The Agent Expertise Gap:

When agents with expertise leave, contact centers are left with inexperienced staff who struggle to handle customer interactions confidently. Agents often find themselves lacking the necessary knowledge to answer questions quickly, accurately, and with empathy. Consequently, transfers and escalations become the go-to solutions, increasing Average Handling Time (AHT), decreasing First Call Resolution (FCR), and potentially impacting Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) negatively.



The Traditional Approach vs. Decision Trees:

Traditionally, contact centers would resort to long training programs for new agents to bridge the expertise gap. However, this approach proves to be costly and inefficient due to the high turnover rates. Spending weeks or months training agents who may leave within six or twelve months results in wasted time, effort, and resources. Trainers’ time, rental space, agents’ absence from customer interactions, and repeated training cycles contribute to additional expenses.



The Limitations of Existing Solutions:

Various vendors offer knowledge bases and AI chatbots to alleviate the agent expertise gap, aiming to reduce ticket volume. However, these solutions still leave a significant portion of tickets that require human agent handling. Agent assist tools may provide prompts or suggestions, but they fall short when faced with moderately complex questions, forcing agents to place customers on hold or search through knowledge bases for answers, causing delays in customer service.



Decision Trees also known as Dynamic Guided Workflows:

Process Shepherd introduces a transformative solution by leveraging dynamic guided workflows. Instead of traditional approaches, agents are guided through conversations with bite-sized information blocks delivered as needed, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches. The tool intelligently adjusts to the conversation, providing agents with real-time guidance.


Process Shepherd goes beyond conventional agent scripting solutions. It can automatically fill CRM fields based on answers and actions performed during interactions, reducing double handling and improving efficiency. With its intuitive visual design interface, organizations can define their business processes, incorporating every edge case scenario. Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with external platforms like CRMs and ticketing systems, synchronizing collected data to eliminate the need for replication.

Process Shepherd offers contact centers a powerful agent scripting solution that enhances efficiency, bridges the expertise gap, and ensures compliance with current business processes. By reducing onboarding time, ramp-up time, and average handling time, organizations can provide exceptional customer experiences. With its dynamic guided workflows and intelligent agent scripting capabilities, Process Shepherd empowers agents to handle complex interactions confidently and accurately. Embrace Process Shepherd to revolutionize your contact center operations and unlock the true potential of your agent workforce.
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