Process Shepherd

Enhancing Agent Performance with Workflow Management Software
In the fast-paced world of customer service, agents often find themselves juggling multiple tools and drowning in information overload. This complexity not only hampers their effectiveness and efficiency but also negatively impacts the customer experience. So, which tools can truly empower agents and streamline their workflows? While customer relationship management (CRM) systems provide valuable customer data, they often lack the guidance agents need to solve problems effectively. This is where Decision Trees add value by lead agents through each step of the customer interaction, leveraging the power of their CRM data.
CRM systems provide valuable customer data, they often lack the guidance agents need to solve problems effectively.

Less is More: Contrary to popular belief, providing agents with less information can actually help them do more. CRMs are designed to store vast amounts of customer data, but they often overwhelm agents and fail to guide them towards resolution. A CRM alone cannot tell agents how to solve customer problems—it merely offers factual knowledge about the customer’s relationship with the company. Agents must possess the expertise to interpret and apply that information correctly. In contrast, dynamic guided workflows bridge this gap by actively leading agents through the necessary steps to address each customer’s unique needs.

Contextual Guidance: Complex issues require agents to understand the full context, but CRMs do not provide this information in real-time. Agents must manually piece together relevant details while simultaneously interacting with customers, leading to a fragmented experience. Process Shepherd’s workflow management software addresses this challenge by dynamically presenting agents with the right contextual information based on the customer’s input. This ensures a seamless customer experience, allowing agents to focus on empathy and providing a satisfactory resolution.

Dynamic and Intuitive:  These workflow solutions simplifies complex processes by presenting agents with dynamic flowcharts. These flowcharts analyze customer responses and guide agents through the appropriate steps, eliminating the need to memorize numerous procedures for different scenarios. With an intuitive interface, agents can start handling calls within days, reducing the training time typically required for CRM systems.

Automated Efficiency: After each call, agents face the task of categorizing the call and documenting notes in the CRM, often leading to delays before the next call. Process Shepherd can be used to automate some of these steps, automatically generating notes based on the specific information the company requires and classifying the call. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that quality standards are maintained. By reducing after-call wrap-up time, agents have the opportunity to recharge and deliver better performance during customer interactions.


Benefits of Using a Decision Tree Solution:

  1. Increased first-call resolutions: Empowered by guided workflows, agents achieve higher accuracy, resulting in more issues resolved on the first call and happier customers who don’t need to call back repeatedly for the same problem.
  2. Enhanced decision-making clarity: Research indicates that agents remember only a fraction of what they’re trained on, leading to decision-making struggles. Automated workflows remove this burden by providing agents with clear instructions for each step, minimizing errors and improving overall performance.
  3. Reduced hold time: Putting customers on hold negatively affects satisfaction. With the use of Process Shepherd’s workflow tools, agents always know how to proceed, reducing the need for long delays and frustrating customers.

Empowering Agents for Exceptional Customer Service: Workflow management software, such as Process Shepherd, goes beyond being a knowledge database—it actively guides agents along the path from problem to solution. By streamlining workflows, reducing information overload, and providing contextual guidance, Process Shepherd empowers agents to deliver the best customer service possible. It’s time to embrace a tool that simplifies complexity, enhances agent performance, and ultimately improves the customer experience.