Process Shepherd

Maximize Client Service While Minimizing Costs

Process Shepherd is a state-of-the-art Discussion Tree solution that effectively resolves the most critical challenges encountered by contact centers in the utility industry.

Simplify New Customer Onboarding

Process Shepherd streamlines complex processes by providing step-by-step guidance, reducing agent training time, and enabling them to handle edge cases without needing to be trained on every single business process. The use of Discussion Trees removes the need to train agents on every complicated business process, they know need to understand the high level concept.

Deal With Complicated Sales

As utility sales, especially electricity, have become more complex, it’s common to have specialist teams for grid-connected solar installations. However, with Process Shepherd, every edge case can be factored into the agent script, eliminating the need for specialized teams and simplifying conversations for all agents

Streamline Utility Workflows With Step-By-Step Guidance.

Streamline Workflows with discussion trees for call centres and helpdesks

Streamline Workflows With Step-By-Step Guidance

Empower your agents to handle customer interactions with ease. Process Shepherd streamlines tasks like account setup, overdue bills, and service interruptions with guided instructions, making the process more efficient and effective.

Customer onboarding
payment arrangements
Change of address
Enabling service
Bill review