Process Shepherd

Nothing But 5 Star Ratings

Guide agents through complex sales inquiries and customer support with interactive, no-code workflows using Process Shepherd’s Discussion Trees.

Reduce Agent Training Requirements

Process Shepherd streamlines complex processes with step-by-step guidance, reducing agent training time and eliminating the need for extensive training on every business process. Equipping agents to handle edge cases ensures a smooth customer experience.

Deal With Complicated Support

Extensive product training for support teams can be a challenge, especially with changing products requiring regular refreshes. A Discussion Tree solution can effectively overcome these challenges, allowing for more efficient and effective handling of customer inquiries.

Streamline eCommerce With Step-By-Step Guidance.

eCommerce Workflows

Empower your agents to handle customer interactions with ease. Process Shepherd streamlines tasks like product enquires, customer returns and support requests with guided instructions, making the process more efficient and effective.

Sales process
Return requests
Customer support