Process Shepherd

Differentiate Yourself From Competitors In A Saturated Market

The use of decision trees presents a distinct edge for any BPO that is in pursuit of differentiating its services in a highly competitive market. With dynamic workflows, BPOs can demonstrate their commitment to consistency, accuracy, and efficiency, attributes highly valued by businesses looking to outsource their workloads.

Lower your operating costs by reducing the training time for agents to onboard into each client project, as they instantly become competent in handling every process.

Utilizing Guided Workflows in your BPO ensures that every agent handles every interaction in a consistent manner, improving the overall quality of every conversation.

Demonstrate to your potential clients that your BPO is committed to providing exceptional services by utilizing enterprise solutions. This will showcase your seriousness and ability to cater to their needs efficiently and effectively.

Balance Your Workforce

Process Shepherd is able to identify the difference between client projects and display only the relevant processes. This enables agents to efficiently manage conversations from multiple client projects without missing a step or communicating out of the script. As a result, agents can handle conversations with confidence and consistency. This is extremely beneficial for effectively balancing your workforce as demand quickly changes.

We Understand BPOs

The industry of Business Process Outsourcing is both challenging and distinctive, and one can only comprehend its intricacies by having worked in it. We have a significant track record of contributing to the BPOs’ bottom line and possess a deep understanding of this market. Our fondness for this sector is evident through our tailored onboarding process and dedicated pricing tier that caters to their specific needs.