Process Shepherd

Make Every Agent An Expert

Make every agent a master of your business process by providing decision trees & step-by-step guidance that streamlines complex processes, boosts compliance, reduces agent ramp time and average handling time. Designed for help desks and contact centers with voice, chat, email or omnichannel.

Elevate your agents to expert level

Process Shepherd provides step-by-step guidance to agents, enabling them to handle complex business processes with ease and accuracy. By boosting compliance, reducing ramp time, and minimizing handling time for each interaction, our agent scripting solution streamlines operations and enhances productivity. Experience the benefits of Process Shepherd and take your business processes to the next level.

Reduce Onboarding Time

Process Shepherd reduces agent onboarding time by providing step-by-step guidance that streamlines complex processes, eliminates the need to train agents on every single business process, and ensures they are equipped to handle exception cases

Reduce Ramp Time

The time it takes for agents to become proficient is significantly reduced with Process Shepherd, as they are accurately guided through each step of every process, building their confidence and knowledge quickly


Reduce Handle Time

Reduce Average Handling time by confidently guiding agents through complex processes, eliminating the need to search for information. Integration with external services, such as a CRM, automates data collection and step completion, saving agents valuable time.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Reduce compliance breaches and lower your risk profile by ensuring that agents follow the most current approved business processes at all times. Gain access to detailed compliance auditing data and performance metrics.

Prioritize the agent experience

Prioritizing your contact center agents’ needs, including efficient Agent Scripting Software, is crucial for seamless customer interactions. Neglecting them for the sake of customer experience can lead to higher operating costs. Frustrated agents are less likely to perform well and more likely to quit, further increasing costs. Prioritizing agent experience is key to an efficient and successful center.

Decision Tree Software for Call Center

Integrate with your existing tools

Integrate seamlessly with your existing tools. Process Shepherd seamlessly integrates with your CRMs, contact center systems, and other software tools using APIs and webhooks, empowering your Call Center Decision Tree with streamlined efficiency and enhanced capabilities. Keep all your data in sync across all systems, allowing agents to work efficiently from a single platform.

How We Can Help

Process Shepherd is a powerful platform that can help organizations improve efficiency and compliance within their contact centers. By reducing onboarding time, ramp-up time, and average handling time while ensuring compliance with the most current business processes, our platform helps organizations provide the best possible customer experience.


Additionally, by automating steps within a process, we can save time and reduce human error, leading to increased efficiency and productivity


Reduce Agent Onboarding Time


Reduce Agent 

Ramp Time 


Reduce Average Handling Time

One platform with three products

Decision Tree

The primary feature of Process Shepherd is the Decision Trees that steps agents though complex processes.

Knowledge Management

While Providing help documentation to agent scripting, this is also a complete knowledge management solution.


An eLearning and LMS solution for creating courses and measuring the outcomes within a contact centre.