Process Shepherd

We Make Every Agent An Expert

Make every agent a master of your business process by providing decision trees & step-by-step guidance that streamlines complex processes, boosts compliance, reduces agent ramp time and average handling time. Designed for help desks and contact centers with voice, chat, email or omnichannel.

Process Shepherd Delivers:

  • Step by Step Real-Time Agent Guidance
  • Easy, Accurate Problem Resolution
  • Reduced Handling Times
  • Compliance Guardrails

Here’s How…​

1) …By providing you three products in one, reducing complexity and the need to learn and operate multiple platforms

Decision Tree

Step by step navigation though complex processes.

Knowledge Management

Make knowledge and expertise available to all agents.


Ongoing education to further agents skillset and advancement

2) …By seamlessly integrating with your current CRMs, systems and employed software solutions, always keeping all your data in synch

Process Shepard harnesses the power of APIs and webhooks to seamlessly integrate your Call Center Decision Tree – streamlining efficiencies and enhancing capabilities. 


– One platform, all data in synch. Everywhere it matters.

3) …By prioritizing the agent experiences​

Top three reasons agents cite when they quit:


  • Burnout
  • Inadequate training, both initial and ongoing
  • Stressful demands and lack of resources to solve them

How We Can Help

Process Shepherd is a powerful platform that can help organizations improve efficiency and compliance within their contact centers. By reducing onboarding time, ramp-up time, and average handling time while ensuring compliance with the most current business processes, our platform helps organizations provide the best possible customer experience.


Additionally, by automating steps within a process, we can save time and reduce human error, leading to increased efficiency and productivity


Reduce Agent Onboarding Time


Reduce Agent 

Ramp Time 


Reduce Average Handling Time