Process Shepherd

Zendesk Decision Trees

How it works


Create Your Workflows​

With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, your business analysts can effortlessly create workflows that guides agents though the process. Factor in every edge case and incorporate relevant help documentation within each step to ensure perfect adherence.



Add External Integration

Utilizing low-code API blocks, you can seamlessly integrate Process Shepherd with your current CRM or helpdesk system. This integration can help you make flow decisions, present relevant information to agents, and automate data entry tasks, ultimately reducing average handling time.



Agents use it on every interaction

Provide your agents with bite-sized interactive decision trees that can guide them through any process, even if they are unfamiliar with it. Eliminate the need for them to search through documentation or seek assistance from team leaders. Whenever an agent is presented with an interaction, Process Shepherd can suggest the most suitable workflows to match.



Measure, Analyze, Improve, Repeat

You can measure the performance of every process with built in reporting which can also be exported into external BI platforms. The reports can provide detailed information down to the compliance level and auditing events. Agents can provide feedback on their experience to assist with ongoing tuning and refinement of the agent scripting over time.


Desktop integration

Process Shepherd has native integration into the Zendesk application and displays the workflow alongside the helpdesk ticket. When opening a new ticket Process Shepherd will display a list of workflows that are best matched to the ticket.

How We Can Help

Process Shepherd is a powerful platform that can help organizations improve efficiency and compliance within their contact centers. By reducing onboarding time, ramp-up time, and average handling time while ensuring compliance with the most current business processes, our platform helps organizations provide the best possible customer experience.


Additionally, by automating steps within a process, we can save time and reduce human error, leading to increased efficiency and productivity


Reduce Agent Onboarding Time


Reduce Agent 

Ramp Time 


Reduce Average Handling Time